He Made $3 MILLION in 90 minutes…

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November 27, 2018
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December 19, 2018

He Made $3 MILLION in 90 minutes…

You read that correctly.

He made THREE MILLION DOLLARS in 90 minutes.

Russell Brunson spoke on Grant Cardone’s stage at 10X Growth Conference. But it wasn’t just any old “presentation”.

No.  It was an ELABORATE DANCE… Russell knows sales and marketing and “selling from stage” SO WELL that he was able to do something incredible. He found a way to earn more money by speaking for 90 minutes than ANY celebrity or famous business leader or politician (other than President Trump).

Russell Brunson was able to sell enough of his product (Click Funnels–a SaaS company) that he GROSSED more than $3,000,000 in sales!

That’s right. More than THREE MILLION DOLLARS in 90 minutes!  And Russell NETTED $1,000,000 (one million dollars) from the total $3MM!  Meaning… HIS take-home pay was $1,000,000!  So his “speaking fee” for a 90-minute presentation was $1,000,000!

How would you like to earn money by speaking from stage?

More than that… How would you like to earn a TON of money from speaking on stage!?

I’m not here to promise you any results.  In fact, the BEST person to learn Russell Brunson’s strategies from is… (you guessed it) RUSSELL!!  And you can get Russell’s “10X Secrets” and learn about his strategies for how he sold more than $3 million dollars from stage in 90 minutes (no, i’m not an affiliate… but I did purchase the program to learn from the best! and he IS the best at selling from stage!).

In this video, I talk about THREE THINGS you can START doing in order to better position yourself to sell more, earn more, and impact more lives with your products, services, and message.


Even if you’ve never considered speaking from stage as a way to earn more revenue for your business… THIS might be your time.

During my five years as a financial advisor for a large financial institution, we often hosted events and invited clients and prospective clients to attend.  At those events, we had the opportunity to bring in outside experts to talk about the financial markets, food, wine, travel, and so many other topics that might have interested our prospects and clients!

I didn’t COMPLETELY realize the power of speaking from stage at the time.  But I can now look back and understand that being LIVE, in-person with other human beings is one of THE best times to enroll them into the mindset of buying your products and/or services.

Why is that?

ONE:  People feel even more connected to people when they’re in-person.  Physical energy exists inside of and around human beings.  And when we’re in proximity with other people, they can actually FEEL that energy.  For many people this sounds SUPER “woo-woo”.  But it’s FACT (look it up).  Physically being near other humans is a powerful way to connect.

And the most impactful way to position yourself to sell your products and services is by CONNECTING with the people who you desire to have buy your products and services.  People can have the opportunity to really FEEL whether or not they trust you enough to buy your products and services.

ALSO, people want to buy things that they truly believe can transform their lives.  Read that again.  People WANT to buy things that they truly believe can transform their lives.

However happy a person is in any given moment, EVERYONE wants “more”.  They want more freedom, more money, more time with family and friends, more status, more impact, more ability to GIVE…  Humans are restless in that sense.

We constantly desire PROGRESS.

The fact is, if you have a product or service that can help someone transform their life (either a little or  A LOT) they WANT to buy.  It then becomes OUR responsibility to create the best environment where a person feels comfortable and confident to buy.

And that can happen BEST in a live, in-person setting– such as a public presentation or speech.

Whether you’re a financial advisor, insurance agent, dentist, chiropractor, physical fitness trainer, life coach, real estate agent, mortgage broker, banker, marketing agency, WHATEVER!!! … Doing LIVE, in-person events where you have the chance to speak with your potential clients for 60-90 minutes is one of THE BEST WAYS to create the ideal “selling environment”.


It’s NEVER enough just to be ON a stage or in front of an audience.  That’s a necessary first step.  But it IS just the first step.

Once you’re on stage or in front of an audience, what’s next?

You need to MOVE them to feel connected to your message in such a way that they want to buy your products or services.

Persuade can sometimes feel like a bad word.  It can feel similar to the word manipulative.  And many people don’t like that “M word”…

But we must stop hiding from the truth if we want to make a powerful and positive impact in this world with the work that we do.  And the first thing we need to get away from is thinking this word persuade is a bad one.

In fact, persuasion is the key to ALL positive impact that this world has ever experienced!

Do you believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had to develop the skill of persuasion to move people around the United States to support a meaningful and vitally important mission for change?

Do you believe Mahatma Gandhi had to utilize his own unique forms of persuasion to change the hearts and minds of people throughout India?

Anywhere we that we see “success” and positive change in the world, we can attribute that change to persuasion.

I often tell people this:

If you truly and deeply believe that your products and/or services can positively impact the life of another human being, then you must learn to persuade.  You must intentionally develop the skill of persuasion so you can help people make the decision to purchase your products and/or services.

If you truly want to change the world, you must decide that persuasion is a vital part of that equation.

#3: Be Confident

If you have the chance to watch the replay video of Russell Brunson walk onto the stage of Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference, you’ll sense a little bit of nervousness from him.  And, holy smokes! I would be a bit nervous too if I were walking onto a stage to speak for 90 minutes in front of 9,000 people!

Russell had a LOT to be nervous about.  But, after a few minutes, you can tell he shakes the nerves away and starts to feel “in the zone” as they say.  He seems to step right into the flow of what he’s best at:  sharing his story of transformation and the stories of his clients and students.  And he shares exactly what the audience members need in order to 10X their business in the next 12 months.

Most people, while watching Russell Brunson present, would even say he seems very confident.  I would certainly say that!

You see, confidence is a key aspect of effective persuasion.  If we don’t appear to have confidence while speaking about our products and services, how could anyone else feel confident about whatever it is that we’re talking about?

Before we ever step on stage or in front of any audience our NUMBER ONE responsibility is to convince ourself first.

Until we’ve convinced ourself of the power and impact our product or service can have in the lives of the people we’re speaking with, we’re not going to be in our best possible position to get them “on board” with what we’re selling.

It seems so trite.  But it’s also sooo true!  Be confident.  It will make a WORLD of difference in your ability to persuade.

To recap:

– You can make an even greater impact in the lives of other people by being on stage speaking in front of them.  They will feel more connected with you and whatever products and services you’re selling.

– In order to get people to buy your products and services (which you should WANT to do if you sincerely believe in what you’re offering.  And if you don’t believe that deeply in your products or services then you shouldn’t be trying to get other people to buy them to begin with) you must master the art and science of persuasion.  If you can become great at persuasion, you can positively impact even more lives around the world.

– The best way to become more persuasive is to develop even more confidence.  Confidence is the skill that you can learn and develop no matter how much of it you “naturally” have.  And it’s the key to success as a persuader and as a great and effective communicator.

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Which of these three points most resonates with you??


J.J. Peller

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