How to Sell It Like Serhant

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August 28, 2016
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How to Sell It Like Serhant

Sucking at sales sucks!  No two ways around it!  If we can’t get people to buy our products or services or to enroll into our mission or belief… then we’re not going to impact the lives we’re meant to.

Sales is an interesting subject because literally millions of “sales strategies and techniques” are available in the world today.

The strategies that you choose to utilize will absolutely depend upon your preferences for human interaction and persuasion.

And what is sales anyway?

I was having a conversation with an awesome human being the other day (he also happens to be great at sales).  I asked him for his perspective on selling and how to sell better.  He said, “Oh, you don’t want to get good at sales.”

Me: What?!?  Yes I do!  What do you mean?

My friend: You want to get good at discovery.  Sales is ALL about understanding the other person’s goals, desires, needs, pain points, frustrations etc…

Then my friend proceeded to ask me questions about buying a house (my wife and I currently rent an apartment).  And he gave me some reasons–based on MY preferences and desires–for why buying a house would make sense for me right now.  Then he started asking if I wanted to buy a new vehicle.  I told him I LOVE my truck and have no intentions of getting something new for several years.  So he asked if I ever considered making any cool upgrades to my truck… Yup.  I have.  And he then started asking what kinds of upgrades I wanted to make.

At the end of it, even if he didn’t have the vehicle to sell me, he could help me find someone to do the upgrades I wanted.  And, ultimately, that would build my trust and confidence in him as my fictitious car salesman friend in this scenario.

Why do you want to be great at sales?  Or discovery??

I want to become great at “sales”/”discovery” because I know that I can help people positively transform their lives when they buy my products and services.

know that I can serve my clients at a very high level.

But the best chance I have to deeply and profoundly serve people is when they hire me as their leadership coach or buy my online programs.

Yes, we can always create great value through our social media posts and YouTube videos and blog posts that we create and share for free.

But something magical happens when someone pulls out his or her wallet and financially commits to a decision to improve their lives with your products and services.

Because I sincerely want to become great at selling (because I know the impact it will allow me to have on people’s lives), I invest in my learning and further education and development in sales.

Part of that is as simple as reading a book about sales!

And, since Ryan Serhant has sold more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS of real estate, I figured he would have some powerful tips, tools, and perspectives to help me develop my sales skills.

And, after reading his book Sell It Like Serhant, I realized that he definitely does!

The book was packed with golden nuggets for how to sell more and more often.

In this week’s YouTube video I discuss THREE specific concepts that Serhant talks about in his book that are sure to help you become even greater at selling whatever it is you sell.

      1.  “3 F’s”
      2. Stranger danger sales!
      3. Planet Confidence

1. The “3 F’s”:  Follow up, follow through, follow back

Many sales training programs teach the importance of follow up.  In Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan suggests that just following up is rarely (if ever) enough.  He suggests two additional “follows”.

Follow THROUGH is the delivery of the product or service.  Follow through is the time when you show up and speak or coach or complete the sales transaction.  And that’s obviously a HUGE component of sales success!  But, for people who want to be extraordinary at sales, it’s still not enough.  For those of us who are ambitious and have BIG goals, we must utilize the third “follow”:

Follow BACK! Follow back is all about staying in touch and continuing to build the relationship the person or people you just finished serving.  When we follow back, we’re finding ways to continue to add value to the lives of the people we’ve served our products and services to in the past.

WHY is this so vitally important for creating even greater sales results?  Because, we we continue to follow back, we open up opportunities for recurring sales with those same people.  AND we put ourselves in the best possible position to get a referral from that client to someone else who is in need of our products and services.

If we want to grow our businesses beyond what we currently even view as possible, we must follow all of the F’s …

Follow up, follow through, follow back.

2. REMEMBER:  Stranger danger sales!

Our next great client is currently a total stranger.  The next big sale we make could very likely be to someone who we’ve never even met yet.

I understand that when we’re growing up our parents remind us constantly to never talk to strangers.  **(NOTE: In this video I talk about the power of talking to strangers.)  And not talking to strangers is probably a good idea for young children.

But if we as sales professionals don’t talk to strangers, our business will fail!

Strangers can become the lifeblood of our business.  And as our businesses grow, strangers surely will be a huge and important source of revenue.

In the book, Serhant talks about how he’s constantly starting conversations with strangers.  In fact, he didn’t have any contacts in NY when he started.  He had get over his fear of rejection by strangers and start more conversations with strangers.  He did.  And now he’s sold more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS of real estate!

If we’re willing to get over the perceived “awkwardness” of starting a random conversation with a random person, we’ll position ourselves for even more chances to sell our products and services to even more people.

3. Join Planet Confidence Today!

Throughout the book, Ryan talks about the importance of confidence.

In fact, he says that none of his sales tips, tools, and strategies matter without confidence.  How often have you missed the opportunity to sell more of your product or service because you didn’t feel totally certain about yourself or your ability to deliver for the potential client?

We sales people can usually feel if we’re going to make the sale or not.  Right??  Confidence is a sense of certainty–a feeling–about your value and the value another person will receive when he or she buys your product or service.  Meaning, we can be totally confident in ourselves, but if we don’t also have confidence that our product or service will provide great value to the client, we’re not going to feel as certain about the sale.

The truth is that confidence can be learned and improved.  Many people think it’s something you’re born with or you’re not.  But confidence is a skill. And any skill can be learned and improved with time, energy, and consistent repetition.

I found tremendous value from reading Sell It Like Serhant.  I hope you’ll make the choice to buy it and read it.  You can keep it for reference when you need reminded of high-quality sales ideas, tactics, and strategies!  The great thing about the book is that he also helps encourage you to keep going. Serhant understands the struggles of starting in sales (read the book and you’ll learn why).  But he also stuck with it long enough that he found out what it feels like to succeed.

My question for you:

No matter where you’re at on your path today, are you willing to keep going?

That’s a question we all must ask ourselves every day.  Are we just dabbling?  Or are we all in?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on these three sales strategies from Sell It Like Serhant!


– J.J. Peller

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