The “1-2 Punch” to make a change in your life today

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August 28, 2016

The “1-2 Punch” to make a change in your life today

Do you hate waking up and thinking about going to work?

Do you hate the thought of commuting to an office that you feel stuck in?

Do you wish you could make a change in your life that would allow you to feel free, energized, and empowered?

I’ve been there.  Many people are there now.  If you answered yes to the above questions, you’re not alone.  If you want to make a change in your life that would allow you to feel more free, more energized, and more empowered by the thought of waking up and going to a job that you’re actually excited about, I think you’ll find this article helpful.

It’s easy to become bored, annoyed, or even depressed with your job.  The challenge is that most people allow themselves to be conditioned negatively by many different stimuli in life.

What does this mean for you?

It means an opportunity to FREE yourself from being stuck!  It means, if you can allow yourself to be conditioned negatively, then you can allow yourself to be conditioned positively too.  You CAN allow yourself to feel anyway you choose to feel if you become intentional about the movies you play in your own mind.

If you want to feel free and empowered now, right where you are, you must stop playing crappy, negative, disempowering mental movies.  You must take consistent action to start playing new, empowering mental movies that will lead to massive action and greater, more productive results.

Your 1-2 punch to make this happen…

STEP 1: Be Aware.

As soon as possible, you must catch yourself playing the disempowering, negative movie.

Before you can make any changes in any aspect of your life, you must know exactly when, where, and how the unproductive behavior occurs.

When do you start playing a negative movie?  As soon as your alarm goes off? When you get up and out of bed?  When you start putting on your work clothes?  When you get in the shower?  Do all of these things trigger you to feel like crap??

Start to recognize when your negative mental movies play, how frequently they occur, and what (if anything) stops them from playing.

STEP 2: Destroy!

Do something to shake yourself out of the movie.  Stand up and yell, “STOP!” with some physical intensity.  Literally shake your body out.

Do pushups.

Make several crazy faces and noises until you laugh and ultimately break the pattern.

Your goal with this is to break the pattern of being in the unresourceful emotional state you’re in.

Do whatever it takes to stop the movie.

So many things in life could potentially hold you back—if you let them.  Take control of and master the things you can immediately take control of today.  First and foremost, take control of your own mind and the mental movies you play.

Do something NOW!  Become aware of your mental movies.

STOP the negative ones!

Making this change in your daily life will help you produce better results.

What is the most frustrating part of your day?  What triggers you to feel negative, mad, stuck, or stressed?  What movie are you playing when this happens?  Pick the most difficult time of your day and attack it with this “1-2 punch”.  Condition your mind to play the movies that empower and energize you.

You are unstoppable, if you decide to be.

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